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Resident Director, CET Beijing

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Resident Director, CET Beijing in Asia

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Title: Resident Director, CET Beijing
Status: Full-time
Job location: Beijing, China
Supervisor: Colleen O’Connor, China Programs Manager
Dates: Summer 2019 – Summer 2021

The Resident Director (RD) is a member of the CET Beijing program team, which includes the Director of China Programs, Human Resources & Administrative Director, Academic Coordinator, office assistants, teachers and possible interns. While the Director of China Programs works primarily with Chinese faculty and host institutions, the RD works primarily with CET's students and their Chinese roommates. The RD reports to the supervising China Programs Manager, and s/he may be responsible for managing junior staff. Excellent communication and team work skills are essential.

The RD oversees the non-academic aspects of CET Beijing, which operates during the summer, fall, January and spring terms. The RD also works with the CET Foreign Service in Beijing Program team, located off-campus. CET Beijing is designed for students of all levels. Semester enrollment varies and can range from 20 to 65 students. The Foreign Service Program is a language training program for US diplomats. Semester enrollment varies and ranges from 8 to 20 students

General responsibilities include: Managing and implementing activities, excursions, Chinese roommate selection and orientation. The RD must meet frequently with students to evaluate their goals, progress and adjustment. The RD works with the Director of China Programs to ensure that overall goals and expectations of the program are being met. The RD is responsible for the operating budgets and financial reports for both CET Beijing and Foreign Service in Beijing Programs.

Candidates are advised that this is a time-consuming, challenging position. We therefore discourage those interested in pursuing their own research projects in Beijing from applying. CET is seeking a candidate willing to commit to a minimum of two years in China.


Program Management
▪ Oversee and monitor the quality of the non-academic elements of the program, including housing.
▪ Design and implement innovative student activities and excursions, all of which will foster student
self-reliance and integrate students into local Chinese university life. Work with local tour operators
when necessary.
▪ Design and implement CET's Chinese Language Pledge; assist the Director of China Programs in
designing and implementing policies to ensure that CET students embrace the Chinese language
▪ Manage all aspects of the Chinese roommate program, including Chinese student selection,
orientation and counseling.
▪ When necessary, assist with or implement additional customized short-term programs that may
operate at one of CET's Beijing campuses.
▪ Manage the Beijing January term as needed.
▪ Manage (an) office assistant(s).
▪ Follow emergency response procedures and manage on-site emergencies as they occur.

Financial Management
▪ Manage appropriated funds and work according to a budget.
▪ Manage internal accounting systems, track all expenses and submit periodic accounting reports to
the supervising CET China Programs Manager in Washington, DC.

▪ Design and implement each semester's orientation sessions; manage other student meetings as
▪ Serve as language and culture resource to students; guide students in their non-academic
▪ Maintain office hours and counsel students throughout the semester.
▪ Maintain student academic files and records.

Representation of Program
▪ Communicate frequently with the supervising CET China Programs Manager and headquarter
▪ Submit mid-semester and final program reports each term to the CET China Programs Manager.
▪ Submit a thorough and accurate final accounting report to the CET China Programs Manager at
the end of each semester.
▪ Assist the Director of China Programs in representing student needs to CET and the host
▪ Represent the program effectively to all on-site visitors, adhering to CET’s guidelines for managing
site visits by US institutions.
▪ Input the most updated information on CET Beijing to a CET programs database on an annual
▪ Contribute to CET marketing efforts, as needed.



▪ At least two years of professional or academic experience in China, experience in Beijing preferred
▪ Native or near-native fluency in both Chinese and English
▪ Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant discipline
▪ Excellent management, administrative & organizational skills
▪ Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as a team
▪ Cultural sensitivity and experience working with students of diverse backgrounds
▪ Ability to handle student emergencies with authority and calm
▪ Willingness to wear different hats and work odd hours
▪ Patience, flexibility, positive attitude, and a sense of humor
▪ A commitment to education and study abroad; CET and MIC program alumni are encouraged to


Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

While this is a time-consuming, challenging position, CET firmly supports a healthy work-life balance and provides generous paid time off and professional development opportunities. Our compensation package includes salary commensurate with experience. Final hires are contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our company is committed to diversity, and we work hard to maintain a welcoming, non-discriminatory office culture. We welcome qualified applicants of all backgrounds to apply to our openings. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information or any other protected characteristic under applicable law.

CET Academic Programs

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